Goal! Let’s Play!

Written by Joe Marriott and illustrated by me

From the publisher (Mantra Lingua):

Chen loves to play football and Nadia loves swimming - which sport do you like to play? Discover some of the best loved games in the world and see how they are played in different countries.

This colourful, action-packed book is brought to life with lively narrations on the RecorderPEN and children will love recording their own experiences of playing sports onto the pages.

Fine As We Are

From the publisher (Boxer Books):

Fine As We Are is an exquisitely illustrated story of sibling rivalry. Little  Frog and his mum live happily by the pond. Little Frog likes things the way they are – just the two of them. But he is in for a big surprise when some new little brothers and sisters arrive – lots of them! How will Little Frog learn to cope?

n.b. I’ve got quadruplet younger brothers and sisters so the story is a bit autobiographical!

‘It's entertaining and reassuring to those in the throes of sibling jealousy, and celebrates the fecundity of spring.’

The Times

* Highly commended in the 2009 Read It Again! Cambrigeshire Children’s Picture Book Award

* Shortlisted for the Norfolk Libraries Children’s Book Award 2009

Mammoth and Me

From the publisher (Boxer Books):

Every young child dreams of having a truly special friend. When a big blue mammoth knocks on the door of one small boy, a BIG adventure begins. But a mammoth is just too big for the home, the park and the town! But this surprise visitor is about to become the town's hero. A heartwarming and gentle tale of learning to be friends no matter what differences there may be.

“Hall's prose captures the wide-eyed simplicity of the very young, and his illustrations, using watercolor paints, pencil, and graphite stick, seem both warmed and washed with whimsy. A simple, engaging tale, with a subtle lesson.”

- Kirkus

The Scariest Monster In The World

Written by Lee Weatherly and illustrated by me

From the publisher (Boxer Books):

Once there was a very, very scary monster. His fur was wild and weird, he carried a giant club with bristles on it and his teeth were green and mossy because he never, ever brushed them. All the other animals ran away when he came stomping through the forest. But when that scary monster started to hic, he just couldn't stop. What would he do to get rid of those pesky hiccups?

‘Delightfully expressive.’

– Pittsburgh-Tribune Review

* Shortlisted for the Roald Dahl Funny Prize 2010

Dino Bites

From the publisher (Boxer Books):

"This is the dinosaur looking for lunch, this is the lunch looking for a snack, this is the snack looking for a bite!" It's a dinosaur eat dinosaur world out there, and DINO BITES! has them eating one after the other with surprising and hilarious consequences.

“this brief, briskly-paced adventure will...capture the attention of the very youngest dinosaur fans-and give the adults reading aloud a good giggle too... sure to provoke demands for seconds (and thirds and…)”


“a laugh-out loud ending”

Julia Eccleshare

The Deep Dark Wood

Written by me and illustrated by Ali Pye

From the publisher (Orchard Books):

"This is the deep dark wood. Everyone knows it's no place to go for a stroll. There are witches and trolls and giants everywhere, not to mention the Big Bad Wolf!

Wait a minute! What's that sweet little girl doing in the deep dark wood? Doesn't she know it's DANGEROUS here? The Big Bad Wolf will gobble her up for his lunch!

But this deep dark wood is full of twists and turns, and all is not quite what it seems. The Big Bad Wolf is about to get a big, bad surprise...

A fearsomely funny mixed-up fairytale with an unexpected twist!”